Sainik School Waiting/Extended List(Provisional) AISSAC 2023

Sainik School Waiting/Extended List(Provisional) AISSAC 2023

As part of the All India Sainik Schools Admission Counselling (AISSAC) process, the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, has announced the much-anticipated Waiting List for 2023. The Sainik School Waiting/Extended List (Provisional) marks a significant milestone in the admissions process, outlining potential candidates for available seats across the Sainik Schools. Let’s delve into what this list means and how you can navigate it.

Sainik School Waiting/Extended List (Provisional)

The Sainik School Waiting List (Provisional) is a tentative list of candidates who could be offered a place at a Sainik School, dependent on the availability of vacant seats within each category at the respective schools. While the appearance of a candidate’s Roll Number in this list is a positive sign, it does not confirm admission. The final decision is based on seat availability and follows the guidelines set by the Sainik School Society, Ministry of Defence.

Waiting List to Merit Lists

Following the announcement of the Sainik School Waiting List, respective Sainik Schools will prepare and upload merit lists on their websites. These are definitive lists of admitted students, created based on seat availability in each category, using the Provisional Waiting List as a reference. 

Checking the Sainik School Waiting/Extended List: A Step-by-step Guide

1. Access the AISSAC Website: Visit the official AISSAC website at to access the Provisional Waiting List.

2. Navigate to the List: On the AISSAC website, locate the section for the Provisional Waiting List. 

3. Filter the List: The list can be customised using various filters such as class, school type, school name, state category/route, gender, and category. These filters will help you locate your information efficiently.

4. Search for your Roll Number: Once you’ve applied the appropriate filters, scroll through the list or use the search function to find your Roll Number. Remember, finding your number on this list means you are being considered for admission, but it is not a guarantee.

Seeking Clarifications

Should you have any queries or require additional information about the Sainik School Waiting List (Provisional), it is advisable to contact the respective school directly. Find Contact Details of all the Sainik Schools here. They can provide accurate information and answer specific queries about the admission process and the status of a candidate on the list.


The announcement of the Sainik School Waiting/Extended List (Provisional) is an essential step in the admission process for the All India Sainik Schools. As a potential candidate, understanding this list, knowing how to access it, and understanding its implications is a crucial part of your journey towards admission.

Though being on the Provisional Waiting List is a positive step, remember that the final admission depends on the merit list, which will be released subsequently. Stay patient, stay informed, and stay connected with your respective school as you navigate this exciting journey towards your future in a Sainik School.