Sainik School Admission Process: What after Seat Allocation?

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Sainik School Admission Process has been enhanced and modified for the last year 2023-24. Sainik School Society (SSS) has added a new web portal named All India Sainik School Admission Counselling (AISSAC)

The portal is available for admission counselling (e-Counselling) to all the candidates who have qualified in the AISSEE 2024. The AISSAC portal enables candidates to fill seats of their choice based on their opted combinations for admissions to Sainik Schools and New Sainik Schools. 

We’ve briefly discussed the AISSAC registration process, seat allocation, and other relevant details in our previous blogs.

In this blog, we aim to give you a clear insight into the Sainik School admission process, along with the next steps to take after e-counselling seat selection, the medical process & more details about the Sainik School Admission process.

**Qualified candidates of the round 1 can start with the document verification and medical procedure by referring to this blog (screenshots included).

What after Seat Selection?

Once you have chosen your preferred Sainik Schools or/and New Sainik Schools for the Sainik School Admission Process, the candidates need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • The candidates should frequently log in to the AISSAC 2024 portal and determine whether or not a seat has been assigned in a given round of seat allocation. 
  • After each activity, the website will be updated with a schedule of e-counselling activities. 
  • If a seat is assigned to a candidate, the following options (ACCEPT/ RECONSIDER/ EXIT) are available to the candidate.
  • The candidate must take action before the last date/time specified for the given round during the e-counselling Sainik School Admission Process.
  • If a candidate is assigned a seat in a round and they don’t respond, the seat will be cancelled and the candidate will be considered uninterested in the counselling process.
  • Furthermore, the candidate will be unable to participate in any round of counselling or claim admission in any school based on AISSEE 2023 merit. 

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AISSAC E-Counselling Round 1 Dates 2024
Registration & Choice Filling
Start Date
March 2024 (4:00 PM)
Registration & Choice Filling
Last Date
March 2024 (11:55 PM)
Seat Allocation Result March 2024 (10:00 PM)
Last Date to Accept Allotted School March 2024 (12:00 AM)
Verification(Physical cum Medical)
Start Date
March 2024 (8:00 AM)
Verification(Physical cum Medical)
Last Date
April 2024 (05:00 PM)

Sainik School Admission Process

After school allocation, candidates will have the following options:


  • If a candidate ACCEPTs the assigned seat, he or she must complete the admission formalities (Medical and Physical Verification) within the time frame specified (As per the timeline).
  • If this is not done, the candidate will be unable to participate in any further round of counselling or claim admission to any Sainik School based on the AISSEE 2023 exam merit.


  • If a candidate is unhappy with the seat assigned to him or her, he or she can select the ‘RECONSIDER’ option to participate in the next round of counselling for the remaining available seats. 
  • However, the assigned seat will be automatically cancelled, and no further claims will be accepted.


  • If a candidate selects the ‘EXIT’ option, it will be assumed that the candidate has opted out of the counselling process.
  • The candidate will be unable to participate in any subsequent rounds of counselling or claim admission in any school based on AISSEE 2024 merit.
  • Candidates who do not respond to the assigned seat in any Round will be automatically assigned the EXIT option by the system.
  • Such candidates CANNOT participate in Seat Allocation for the upcoming academic year 2024-25.

Sainik School Reservation: Seats in SS and NSS E-Counselling

Sainik School Admission Process: Provisional Offer Of Seat & Confirmation

A candidate who has been assigned and ACCEPTED a seat in any School based on his/her preference of choices filled and merit must complete admission formalities.

These formalities include Medical and Physical Document Verification, which should be completed within the time frame specified on the official AISSAC portal. The candidates are able to participate in further rounds of counselling or claim admission to any Sainik School only when they have completed these formalities.

The candidate who accepts the assigned school must take the following steps:

  • Reporting to the Medical Center

Candidates will have to report at the Medical Examination Center as per the Slot allotted by the admitting school. It is the parent’s responsibility to get the medical done for their son/daughter for a smooth Sainik School Admission Process.

However, the opted schools will provide help to the candidates in coordinating with Medical Authorities, in case of any problem faced by the parents.

*For existing Sainik Schools the format of the medical form will be available on the AISSAC portal. 

**For the approved New Sainik School the candidates will have to get a Medical Fitness Certificate from a registered government physician.

  • Physical Verification By Allotted School

Following the medical fitness report, candidates must report to the admitting school and present all required documents. If they do not meet the requirements set by the university, their admission will be revoked.

As a result, it is the candidate’s responsibility to keep the valid certificate or document on hand. At the time of physical reporting at the admitting school, all certificates/documents will be verified.

  • Fees Payment

After completing the previous two steps, as well as any other admission formalities of the admitting school, pay the school’s fees and have your admission confirmed. 

Non-payment of the fee within the timeframes subject to the fitness of Medical standards (including Review Medicals) cum physical verification is one way to reject the offered/allocated seat in school and will be treated as a rejection. 

In such a case, the school may reject the candidate with reasons, and the candidate will no longer be able to participate in the subsequent rounds of seat allocation.

After all the formalities have been completed, the Principal of the school is asked to update the status of the candidates by clicking on the ADMIT tab. 

It is the parent’s/candidate’s responsibility to plan their travel so that the medical and physical verification of documents is completed by the last day of the counselling round in which they are assigned a seat. 

What if a Candidate is on ‘HOLD’ for Sainik School Admission Process?

In a situation of HOLD, the school’s seat will be blocked and not released until the school (ACCEPT/REJECT)s the candidate’s status on the portal. Candidates may find themselves in this situation if they are Declared Medically Unfit or due to Discrepancies in the Documents.

  1. Declared Medically Unfit

The Medical Board’s decision will be considered final, except in cases where a request for reconsideration has been made to the Principal. 

Further, the Principal will personally review the appeal and determine if it has validity based on the evidence presented to him. A case will typically merit a review if competent medical advice is presented to contradict the prior medical board’s conclusion. 

The Principal will “HOLD” such cases in this situation. The Principal may then schedule a review medical board for the candidate’s re-examination and cooperate with the medical authorities as was done previously for manual admission in the schools.

If the review medical board finds him/her fit for admission, the Principal will ‘ACCEPT’ the candidate on the portal and admit him to the school if his rejection was only on account of lack of medical fitness after Physical Verification and payment of fees. 

The school will charge a fee of Rs.100/- (Rs.50/- from SC/ST) for holding a review medical board. However, the candidate will be required to appear before the Review Medical Board at the designated place at his own expense. 

Moreover, in the case of the UNFIT report, the Principal will click the REJECT button on the Portal.

  1. Discrepancies in the documents

Candidates must respond to any inquiries from the assigned school by the final date/time stated for the given round if there are any discrepancies in the documents found during Physical Verification. 

The school may ask more questions if discrepancies continue to exist.

The legitimacy of the documents presented in response to the inquiries and the candidate matching the eligibility requirements will determine whether the assigned seat is confirmed or cancelled. 

Failing to respond to the questions posed would result in the cancellation of seats and be considered a rejection of the offer. Depending on the genuinity of the case, the Principal may place it on ‘HOLD’ at their discretion.

Sainik School Admission Process: Category/Gender/Domicile Discrepancies

Gender Discrepancy 

  • If a female candidate incorrectly declares her gender as male and is assigned a seat in a school where female candidates are not allowed, the seat will be canceled
  • Similarly, if a male candidate incorrectly declares his gender as female and is assigned a Female-Only seat, the seat will be cancelled.
  • Such candidates will be considered for seating in the subsequent rounds of seat allocation for the Sainik School Admission Process.

Domicile Discrepancy

  • If a candidate is from an Outside-State quota and is allocated an Outside-State quota, then the seat will NOT be cancelled.
  • However, if a candidate is from an Outside-State quota and is allocated a Home-State quota, then the seat will be Cancelled.
  • Furthermore, if a candidate is from a Home-State quota and is allocated an Outside-State quota then the seat will be Cancelled.
  • Such candidates will be considered for seating in the subsequent rounds of seat allocation for the Sainik School Admission Process.

Category Discrepancy

  • Candidates who incorrectly declare their category and are discovered at a later stage during Physical Verification will have their category tag changed to General for the purpose of seat allocation.
  • Such candidates will be considered for seat allocation in subsequent rounds for the remaining seats, provided all other requirements are met.

The principals of the schools will bring all three types of situations mentioned above to the Sainik Schools Society for consideration and further action. The SSS’s decision regarding such discrepancies shall be final.

Official Website of AISSAC E-Counselling

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