AISSAC E-Counselling 2024: How to Register & Select Sainik School

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AISSAC E-Counselling or All India Sainik School Admission Counseling is an e-counselling portal for admission into current and new Sainik schools. The AISSAC portal has been provided by the Sainik School Society to simplify and manage the admission process for Sainik Schools and New Sainik Schools.

AISSAC E-Counselling 2024: How to Register & Select Sainik School

Any student who took the AISSEE 2024 and passed it is qualified to apply for AISSAC E-Counselling through the official portal. In this blog, we will briefly discuss How to Register and How to Select Schools in AISSAC E-Counselling.

AISSAC E-Counselling Round 1 Dates 2024
Registration & Choice Filling
Start Date
March 2024
Registration & Choice Filling
Last Date
March 2024
Seat Allocation Result March 2024
Last Date to Accept Allotted School March 2024
Verification(Physical cum Medical)
Start Date
March 2024
Verification(Physical cum Medical)
Last Date
April 2024

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How to Register for AISSAC E-Counselling?

To register and fill out their school preferences, candidates should log in to using the following credentials:

  • First and foremost, the AISSEE 2024 Application Number will be entered on the portal, while starting the AISSAC E-Counselling 2024 registration process. 

  • We will advise that AISSEE 2024 qualifying candidates have all reference materials on hand.
  • A mobile number and email address were necessary to register for AISSEE 2024 using the NTA site, this will be required for registration.

  • After entering the OTP from the registered number and email, applicants will be required to set their password.

  • Candidates then need to log in using their application number as their User ID and the password they made on the AISSAC E-Counselling portal.

  • 10. Candidates must read the DECLARATION carefully, and CLICK on I AGREE to proceed to the next step.

  • Following a successful login, the candidate’s data will be automatically gathered from the AISSEE 2024 registration database. The information will need to be verified once more by the applicants.
  • Please note, Candidates can change their Domicile State and gender, if filled by mistake during AISSEE 2024 registration on NTA portal.

  • Click on CONFIRM REGISTRATION to complete the registration process, and click on OK for final submission.

  • Candidates My Profile section will open automatically.
  • If applicants do not register on the AISSAC E-Counselling 2023 website, their applications will not be taken into account for seat allocation in any of the Sainik Schools or New Sainik Schools.

How to Select Schools in AISSAC E-Counselling?

  1. Sainik School (SS):

Candidates who selected the following combination when registering for the AISSEE 2024 at the NTA portal will be eligible for selection to Sainik Schools through AISSAC E-Counselling:

(a) Sainik Schools (SS) only.

(b) SS + NSS 40% route (In that order of priority).

(c) SS + NSS 40% route + NSS 60% route (In that order of priority).

  1. New Sainik Schools-40% route (NSS40)

The rank obtained in the All India (AI) Merit List of the AISSEE 2024 will be used to fill at least 40% of the Sainik School stream seats in recognised NSSs.

Candidates who choose any of the following combinations when registering for the AISSEE 2023 at the NTA portal may choose any New Sainik School in India during the AISSAC e-counselling process:

(a) SS + NSS 40% route (In that order of priority). 

(b) SS+ NSS 40% route + NSS 60% route (In that order of priority). 

(c) NSS 40% route + NSS 60% route (In that order of priority). 

(d) NSS 40% route only.

  1. New Sainik Schools-60% route (NSS60)

Candidates currently enrolled in Class V in any approved NSSs who have taken and passed the AISSEE 2023 may occupy up to 60% of the available seats in NSSs.

During AISSAC E-Counselling, these will be filled based on the candidate’s school rank and the number of seats that their particular school can fill.

This will apply to applicants who choose the following combination while registering for the AISSEE 2024 exam on the NTA portal:

(a) SS+ NSS 40% route + NSS 60% route (In that order of priority).

(b) SS+NSS-60% route (In that order of priority).

(c) SS 60% route only.

Candidates do not need to pay any money in order to register or fill out their preferences on the AISSAC E-Counselling web portal. The mix of schools will be determined by the candidates’ choices made during AISSEE 2023 registration. 

Depending on the combinations they select, the candidates will have the following choice-filling options accessible to them:




Combination opted by candidates Choice Filling option available to candidates Sequence of Priority to be followed for allocation of seats in schools (P-I / P-II / P-III)
SSs# NSS 40%



NSS 60%



SSs NSS 40%



NSS 60%



1 Sainik Schools(SS) only 9 P-I
2 SS + NSS 40% route (In that order of priority) 9 5 P-I P-II
3 SS + NSS-40% route + NSS 60% route(In that order of priority) 9 5 1 P-I P-II P-III
4 SS+NSS-60% route


(In that order of priority)

9 1 P-I P-II
5 NSS-40% route + NSS 60% route (In that order of priority) 5 1 P-I P-II
6 NSS 60% route only 1 P-I
7 NSS-40% route only 5 P-I

**P-I: Priority One

    P-II: Priority Two

    P-III: Priority Three 

AISSAC Important Instructions For E-Counselling Seat Selection

  • Sainik School will automatically be the first choice and cannot be changed in Round 1 of the e-counselling when candidates fill out the AISSEE 2023 registration form on the NTA portal. 
  • Schools filled by applicants currently enrolled in New Sainik School under NSS 60 Route will automatically appear on the platform. 
  • Candidates should carefully prioritize their top selections when filling out the choices, keeping in mind that only those choices would be made available for seat allocation and that only ONE seat would be made available to the candidate from those choices.
  • AISSAC E-Counselling Applicants are given a window (according to the timeframe on the portal) to register and list their top-choice schools. 
  • This timeframe will not, under any circumstances, be extended. Requests in this regard won’t be taken into consideration. 
  • Each candidate must carefully fill out their choices throughout this time. Only the schools from the list of options that the applicant is willing to attend must be chosen, and they must be prioritised according to the applicant’s desire.

Steps for Choice Filling: AISSAC E-counselling Sainik School/New Sainik School

  • After successful registration on the AISSAC portal. Go to Choice Filling option on the left corner of the screen.

  • Boxes as per your COMBINATION opted during AISSEE 2024 REGISTRATION will appear on your screen.

  • School filled by candidates during AISSEE 2024 registration will be by default the first choice. Click on + (ADD) button to add more schools of your choice in the box.

  • A candidate can fill maximum of 10 choices for Sainik School. If they have opted for NSS 40% route, they can add five more New Sainik Schools. Whereas, NSS 60% route school box cannot be edited.
  • The arrows can be used to move filled schools up and down as per priority.

AISSAC E-Counselling: How to Register & Select Sainik School

  • Once you’ve selected all the schools of choice, you should LOCK your choices before deadline.
  • If you lock the choices, you have the option to edit before deadline by clicking on edit choices button.

AISSAC E-Counselling: How to Register & Select Sainik School

Steps After Selecting Sainik Schools

On or before the final day of choice filling of AISSAC E-Counselling, candidates must LOCK their selections. If candidates don’t lock their selections, the most recent choices saved will be locked automatically when the selection deadline arrives. 

The selections made by a candidate can be modified after they have been locked. Candidates may UNLOCK their selections on the portal by selecting the edit option, which is available after they have locked them before the choice-filling deadline. 

The last saved choices prior to unlocking will be taken into account for seat allocation if the candidate does not lock the options after unlocking.

After the deadline for choice filling, candidates will NOT be permitted to amend their choice list. This means that after the deadline for choice filling, candidates CANNOT change the order of their selections, ADD any more schools, or DELETE any schools from their priority list. 

Prior to the start of each Round, candidates will once more have the opportunity to fill out a school preference form and rank their top choice(s) of schools. 

Candidates will be able to register again for each Round. The newly registered candidate for the open school seat in that round will have the option of choosing a new school to fill.

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For AISSAC E-Counselling Official Notifications and Registration visit the official website.

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