Military School Medical Test: All You Need to Know

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Military service is a noble profession that requires individuals to be physically fit and mentally strong. Before being accepted into a military school, candidates must undergo a rigorous medical examination Military School Medical Test or RMS Medical Exam, to ensure they meet the physical and mental requirements of the profession. 

This is where RMS Medical comes in, providing top-notch medical evaluations for military school applicants. In this blog, we’ll provide an overview of RMS Medical or the Military School medical test process.

What is Military School Medical Test?

Before admission to the Rashtriya Military Schools, all candidates will be required to undergo a medical fitness examination (RMS Medical) in accordance with the norms/criteria specified in Armed Forces Medical Services Form-2 (AFMSF-2) and only at the hospital specified in the Application Form. 

The medical examination will be performed only at one of the hospitals listed under the heading “List Of Hospitals For Medical Test Conduct” provided at the bottom of the blog. Candidates deemed medically unfit by the board of officers at the listed hospitals will be denied admission. The candidate’s admission will be provisional until the Hospital issues a Fitness certificate.

Military School Medical Test Process

The military school medical test is an essential component of the application process for military schools. It is designed to assess the overall health and well-being of the candidate, including physical, mental, and emotional aspects.

The exam consists of several parts, including a medical history review, physical examination, and laboratory tests. During the medical history review, the candidate will be asked about their medical history, including any past illnesses, injuries, surgeries, or hospitalisations. 

Medicine: The medical professional will also ask about any medications or supplements the candidate is currently taking. This information helps the medical professional to determine if there are any underlying health issues that may impact the candidate’s ability to serve in the military.

Physical Examination: The physical examination is a comprehensive assessment of the candidate’s physical health. It includes a head-to-toe examination of the body, including vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature. The medical professional will also evaluate the candidate’s vision, hearing, and overall physical fitness. 

Laboratory tests: Laboratory tests are an essential part of the military school medical exam. The candidate will be required to provide blood and urine samples to check for any underlying health issues, including infections, diabetes, and kidney function. The medical professional may also order additional tests, such as X-rays or electrocardiograms, to further evaluate the candidate’s health.

What after the RMS Medical Test?

At the end of the exam, the medical professional will provide a detailed report of the candidate’s medical evaluation. Medical Board Proceeding AFMSF-2, duly signed by the Medical Board’s President, must be submitted at the time of admission. 

In conclusion, Military School Medical Test provides a comprehensive medical evaluation for military school applicants. The military school medical exam is an essential part of the application process, and candidates must meet the physical and mental standards required to serve in the military.

With the help of RMS Medical, candidates can rest assured that their medical evaluation will be accurate and reliable, helping them on their path towards a successful military career.

List Of Hospitals For Conduct Of RMS Medical Test

The list of Command / Zonal and other Hospitals is nominated by the Director-General of Medical Services. The Examination is carried out for selected candidates for admission to Rashtriya Military School. The candidates must mention the hospital code in the application form from where they wish to undergo the medical fitness test.

Hospital Type Area Hospital Name Code
COMMAND HOSPITAL Command Hospital Eastern Command, Kolkata 11
Command Hospital Southern Command, Pune 12
Command Hospital Central Command, Lucknow 13
Command Hospital Western Command, Chandimandir 14
Command Hospital Air Force, Bengaluru 15
Command Hospital Northern Command, C/o 56 APO 16
ZONAL HOSPITAL Southern Command MH Ahmedabad 21
Southern Command MH Jodhpur 22
Southern Command MH Kirkee 23
Southern Command MH Secunderabad 24
ZONAL HOSPITAL Western Command MH Ambala 31
Western Command MH Jalandhar 32
Western Command 159 (GH) 33
Western Command Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt 34
ZONAL HOSPITAL Eastern Command MH Barrackpore 41
Eastern Command 151 Base Hospital 42
Eastern Command 155 Base Hospital 43
Eastern Command 158 Base Hospital 44
ZONAL HOSPITAL Northern Command 166 MH 51
Northern Command 167 MH 52
Northern Command 92 Base Hospital, C/O 56 APO 53
Northern Command 150 Gen Hospital, C/O 56 APO 54
ZONAL HOSPITAL Central Command MH Agra 61
Central Command MH Allahabad 62
Central Command MH Meerut 63
Central Command MH Bareilly 64
Central Command MH Dehradun 65
Central Command MH Jabalpur 66
Central Command MH Jhansi 67
Central Command MH Namkum 68
Central Command MH Roorkee 69
Central Command Base Hospital, Lucknow 70
SOUTHWESTCOMMAND South West Command MH Jaipur 81
South West Command 174 MH 82
OTHER Other Hospital INHS Sanjivini, Cochin 91
Other Hospital INHS Ashvini, Mumbai 92
Other Hospital INHS Kalyani, Vishakhapattanam 93
Other Hospital INHS Dhanwantari, Port Blair 94

This is the list of hospitals where most of the time RMS Medical tests are conducted.

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