RIMC Seats 2023: States/UT Wise Distribution of Vacancies

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The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC), Dehradun, is a prestigious institution dedicated to grooming young boys for a future in the Indian Armed Forces. Gaining admission to this esteemed institution is a highly sought-after goal for many aspiring cadets. In this overview, we will discuss the state and union territory (UT) wise distribution of vacancies at RIMC or RIMC Seats 2023, which provides equal opportunities for candidates across the nation.

RIMC Seats 2023: Vacancy for Boys

Sr No State Seats
1 Andhra Pradesh 1
2 Arunachal Pradesh 1
3 Assam 1
4 Bihar 1
5 Chhattisgarh 1
6 Delhi 1
7 Goa 1
8 Gujarat 1
9 Haryana 1
10 Himachal Pradesh 1
11 Jammu & Kashmir 1
12 Jharkhand 1
13 Karnataka 1
14 Kerala 1
15 Madhya Pradesh 1
16 Maharashtra 2
17 Manipur 1
18 Meghalaya 1
19 Mizoram 1
20 Nagaland 1
21 Odisha 1
22 Punjab 1
23 Rajasthan 1
24 Sikkim 1
25 Tamil Nadu 2
26 Telangana 1
27 Tripura 1
28 Uttar Pradesh 3
29 Uttrakhand 1
30 West Bengal 2
1 Andaman Nicobar 1
2 Chandigarh (UT)
3 Dadra & Nagar Haveli
4 Daman & Diu
5 Lakshadweep
6 Puducherry

RIMC Seats 2023: Vacancy for Girls

S No Zone State Vacancy
(a) North Zone Ladakh 01 (One)
Jammu & Kashmir
Himachal Pradesh
(b) South Zone Tamil Nadu 01 (One)
Andhra Pradesh
Andaman & Nicobar
(c) East Zone Arunachal Pradesh 01 (One)
West Bengal
(d) West Zone Maharashtra 01 (One)
Madhya Pradesh
Daman & Diu, Dadra & Nagar Haveli
(e) Central Zone Uttar Pradesh 01 (One)
Total 05 (five)

RIMC States/UT Wise Distribution of Vacancies

The RIMC allocates vacancies for admission to the institution based on a distribution system that factors in the population of each state and UT in India. This system ensures that every region gets fair representation at the college, providing equal opportunities for young, aspiring cadets regardless of their geographical location.

The distribution of vacancies is revised periodically to account for changes in population demographics and to maintain a balance between the different states and UTs. This equitable distribution ensures that the RIMC maintains a diverse student body, fostering an environment of unity and camaraderie among the cadets.

The admission process for RIMC involves a rigorous selection procedure that includes a written examination, followed by an interview and a medical test. Candidates must excel in all three stages to secure a place at the institution. The state and UT-wise distribution of vacancies ensures that students from all corners of the country have a chance to compete for a coveted spot at RIMC.

Importance of Equal Opportunities at RIMC

By providing an equitable distribution of vacancies across states and UTs, RIMC fosters an environment of inclusivity and diversity among its cadets. This system allows students from various backgrounds and regions to come together, learn from each other’s experiences, and imbibe a strong sense of national pride and unity.

Moreover, the equal distribution of opportunities ensures that talented students from remote and underprivileged areas can access world-class military education and training. It also helps to minimise regional disparities and promotes a sense of belonging among the young cadets.


The RIMC’s state and UT-wise distribution of vacancies is a testament to its commitment to providing equal opportunities to aspiring cadets across India. This system not only ensures fair representation for students from diverse backgrounds but also fosters a spirit of unity and camaraderie among the cadets.

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By maintaining an inclusive environment and providing top-notch military education, the Rashtriya Indian Military College continues to shape the future leaders of the Indian Armed Forces, upholding the principles of excellence, integrity, and dedication to the nation.

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