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Embarking on the journey to secure a future in esteemed institutions like Rashtriya Military Schools, Sainik Schools, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNV), and Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) requires comprehensive preparation. At our distance learning center, we offer a holistic course that equips aspiring candidates with the necessary resources to excel in these entrance exams. Get ready for an extraordinary learning experience as we explore the highlights of our comprehensive package and blog “Join #1 Military, Navodaya, RIMC, & Sainik School Coaching”.

Unparalleled Resources, Unmatched Results:

  • Extensive Video Lectures: Immerse yourself in over 144 hours of meticulously crafted content delivered by exceptional instructors. Our team comprises top educators from renowned institutions, ensuring the highest quality of teaching.
  • Subject-wise Mastery: Our comprehensive course covers all the vital subjects, including Mathematics, Aptitude/Reasoning, English, General Knowledge, and General Science. Gain proficiency in each area and boost your confidence for success in all aspects of the entrance exams.
  • Revision Boosters: Our marathon revision lectures are valuable tools to reinforce key concepts. Prepare to be inspired by motivational talks from alumni of Military Schools, Sainik Schools, JNV, and RIMC, fueling your determination to achieve greatness.
  • Exam Success Strategies: Unlock the secrets of excelling in the entrance exams with our specialised video lectures on effective exam-taking strategies. Our expert instructors will guide you on how to navigate the exams with confidence and precision.

A Transformative Learning Experience: Sainik School Coaching

  • Comprehensive Study Materials: Our package includes a wide array of study materials, such as assignment workbooks, subject-specific in-class booklets, and essential reference materials like Arihant’s Guides for Rashtriya Military Schools Entrance Exam, Sainik Schools Entrance Exam, JNV Entrance Exam, and RIMC Entrance Exam. These resources ensure that you have all the tools necessary for thorough preparation.
  • Study Accessories and Merchandise: Stay organised and motivated throughout your learning journey with a Sonata Watch, gel pen, highlighter, and a stylish backpack to keep your study materials secure and easily accessible.

Guiding Your Path to Success: Sainik School Coaching

  • Craft a Winning Routine: Commit to a daily study routine that includes watching lectures, taking comprehensive notes, and completing workbook exercises. Consistency and discipline are key to achieving your goals.
  • Optimise Your Learning Environment: Provide yourself with a conducive study environment equipped with a study tablet or laptop with a screen size of 10-15 inches. This will enhance your concentration and enable you to study for longer durations.
  • Embrace a Balanced Approach: Dedicate approximately 3 hours daily to studying, ensuring that you cover a variety of subjects. A well-rounded approach will enable you to grasp concepts effectively and excel in all areas.
  • Personalise Your Study Plan: Leverage our “Study Plan” video lecture tailored to each institution’s unique requirements. Create a study plan that suits your learning style and goals, and manage your time efficiently to cover all essential topics.
  • Begin Early, Excel Exponentially: Start your preparation early to allow ample time for comprehensive learning, practice, and building confidence. The earlier you start, the better your chances of achieving outstanding results.
  • Community Support and Current Affairs: Join our Telegram group to stay updated with important notifications, exam tips, and result announcements. Additionally, subscribing to an English daily newspaper will enhance your current affairs knowledge and improve your English communication skills.


Preparing for entrance exams at Rashtriya Military Schools, Sainik Schools, JNV, and RIMC is a transformative journey filled with possibilities. Our distance learning course provides unmatched resources and expert guidance, empowering you to reach new heights of success. Remember, with dedication, perseverance, and our comprehensive package, you can unlock your true potential and pave the way for a bright future. 

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For any inquiries or doubts, our dedicated customer care team is here to support you every step of the way.

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  2. Hi my daughter is preparing for Simultala entrance examination. She is in class 4th, which course will be suitable for her.

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