Why Join Sainik Schools? 10 Amazing Reasons

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Who doesn’t want to live a disciplined life where everything is custom-made and known at their own pace? However, everything must be directed properly in order for everything to be completed. In this article, we will talk about Sainik schools, which are well-known for their decorum and how they prepare children for a successful future.

Sainik schools are referred to as the group of schools managed by the Sainik Schools Society under the Ministry of Defence. Admission to the Sainik School gives students a great opportunity to live a disciplined lifestyle. 

The opportunity to live the life of a skilled and trained individual is the primary benefit of attending Sainik School. Students’ autonomy grows at different stages as they get older, and they become part of the most respected and passionate job in the Indian Armed Forces.

The following are some of the reasons why you should attend Sainik schools:

  1. Starting point for the defence journey: When a student enrols in Sainik School, their ultimate goal is to join the military. Students are given a platform where they can begin their combat and armed training, which will lead to a skilled career with the utmost vigilance and expertise.
  1. Proper build-up of physical and mental health: Students who attend Sainik School receive hard training that helps them to become physically and mentally fit. Their officer intelligence rating and values are well developed as a result of early-stage training. Students who are fit and mentally strong receive the best training at a very early age with full exposure to the outer world. 
  1. Shaping a responsible individual: After getting admission to Sainik schools, students learn about being independent and develop a sense of responsibility. Living apart from families in a hostel brings a sense of maturity which ultimately leads to a responsible individual who is ready to serve the nation.
  1. Highly developed environment exposure: In comparison to other schools, Sainik School provide the best educational opportunities. Students who have access to facilities for sports and extracurricular activities have more time and opportunities to represent themselves at various levels. They are transformed into constructive and productive people through participation in extracurricular activities, hobbies, and interests.
  1. Direct preparation for competitive exams:  Students who enrol in Sainik Schools are prepared for competitive exams in addition to academic exams. With a competitive level of preparation, they are more likely to pass the exam on the first try. Entrance exams such as NDA, MNS, and other officer cadre exams are held after class 12th standards, and students prepare in advance for these exams by attending extra sessions.
  1. Financial stability: The government oversees the Sainik Schools providing financial aid and funding to these institutions. The government’s support and coordination strengthen the Sainik School manyfold, easing the financial burden on parents and guardians.
  1. Special recognition: Students at Sainik schools receive special recognition when they are exposed to interviews like SSB and all other competitive exams related to defence. During that time, the Sainik School tag plays an important part in PIQ; the tag adds value and depicts extra weightage that helps in result improvements.
  1. Co-education builds confidence: Co-education at Sainik School gives confidence, boldness, and strength to both girls and boys. During the learning process, they complete a variety of chores that helps them become competent, strategic, and leaders, as well as teach both boys and girls to be patient, quiet, and critical thinkers in times of need. 
  1. Better exposure to the opportunities: In comparison to other institutions, Sainik School, RIMC, and Military School provide excellent opportunities. Students who have access to facilities for sports and extracurricular activities have more time and opportunities to express themselves at various levels. They are turned into constructive and productive people by engaging in extracurricular activities, hobbies, and interests. 
  1. Learning life values: unlike other schools, Sainik schools provide every single facility a student needs in their regular life but not in the luxury format. What you want, you have to earn and pay for it. In terms of discipline, if one commits any kind of mistake, the entire team will have to pay for it. Being in Sainik school makes an individual a social person who knows the life values of serving humanity.

A growing child requires special attention, protection, and guidance. They are tested at various stages and levels during school admissions, but it is the benefits they receive after being admitted to that particular school that matter. When it comes to Sainik schools, they fill all the criteria that are required for an individual to grow in a disciplined manner. 

Sainik schools not only give a path to fulfil someone’s dream to be in defence but also help to learn life goals that are not only helpful in a particular field but also helpful in overall life development. Hence, getting admission to Sainik schools will help you in all possible ways to be a better individual.

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